So, I was living under a stupid rock and hadn’t seen ANY of this show until a few weeks ago. I watched some of Awkward Black Girl when it was on YouTube but it’s so different now!!!!

The first time I watched an episode was the last night I was in New Orleans with my friends Geoff and Mary-Devon who were kind enough to let me stay at their house. We got back from a mic and wanted to watch something and they’re all caught up so we watched the Cookout episode (Hella Open-Season 2 Episode 3) and I could tell it was good and I liked it but I didn’t get the full scope of everyone’s actions. I kinda didn’t like Lawrence bc he did seem like a fuckboi, and I kinda didn’t get other stuff- like why Issa’s wall was burnt & stuff. But I really enjoyed the episode.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later, I am staying with a different friend in a different city who is ALSO kind enough to have me, and they have a big tv in the room I am staying in with HBO Go. She and I start at the beginning and I watched everything in two days, but actually watched the latest episode with people last night then caught up today. So I was all out of order but WOW.

Number one I think this is the best show on TV right now and has been for a while- I can’t really think of something that comes out every week like this that has been this good. (I have never seen Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead which I know are very popular but they just don’t appeal to me!!! I’m sure I’ll watch them in 10 years and love them).

But, back to this wonderful cast. So, everything about this show is good, it’s well-written, well-acted, well-scored, etc. etc. I love how full each character is and how everyone interacts. I’m genuinely so mad at Issa for cheating on Lawrence and I get that she was feeling not good in their relationship but I think cheating on someone is so fucked up and hurts them immeasurably forever.

Also, as my friend Ariel pointed out, they DON’T TALK about anything in their relationship, what they’re feeling, doubts, frustrations, etc. After they fuck up they will but not before when it’s just thoughts and that’s so unhealthy and unsustainable.

I really hate Tasha because she was flirting with Lawrence when she knew he had a girlfriend and I think you need to respect other people’s relationships but I think she was right in what she said to him on the phone. I don’t think that’s true about Lawrence overall, but in that situation, that’s definitely what was happening. Both he and Issa keep assuming that other people are cool with them fucking and not getting attached (Tahsa, Daniel) then they do and it’s bad. When Daniel comes to PICK HER UP because she got in a car accident (after sexting someone else) and she has to like debrief that she fucks other people cause he hugged her too long?? I hated thatttt. I think they’re both being selfish (Issa and Lawrence) in how they’re handling their breakup because they’re trying to hook up with people (which is fine) but they’re also trying to keep the feeling of emotional intimacy they both lost when they lost each other but that’s not fair to ask of someone else if you’re not going to reciprocate, which of course, neither of them is being a few months out of a five year relationship.

It’s so MESSY. I liked when Derek told Lawrence it wasn’t all on Issa, I can’t believe that hadn’t come up/occurred to him before.

I’m glad Molly slept with Dro, I think realizing that there is no perfect relationship will ultimately be good for her but I know it was a huge blow. I’m routing for Molly but was VERY annoyed by the way she treated Jered. LIKE first of all, working at Enterprise is a good job and could have so many perks!!! Hotels and car hookups hello?? But also, what are you measuring your partner by? I know that status and job matters to people and I’m sure there’s a lot that’s different when a black woman is dating that she is considering that I am not, but Jered is so sweet and kind and they had fun together! I know the fact that he hooked up with a guy bothered her, but I wish she had brought THAT up in therapy (again, I know even going was a lot for her so that will take time) but damn, his smile is worth a good job!!! I love him.

Friends: I love Kelli, she is hilarious, she DOES always make everything a joke, but their friend group seems to need that. I LOVE that she got fingered under the table at the diner (named Swingers lol), I love that her weight is not the most important thing about her character/mentioned at all. She just goes out, looks good, has fun like everybody else and bless everyone for that.

Tiffany is annoying and a little stuck up to me, I can’t wait until we meet her character more/learn more about her. I think they hinted at stuff to come with dropping that Derek cheated on her, I think/hope we will learn more about that. What’s so interesting is that we’re getting one action (cheating) now set up to be seen through the lens of three different relationships (Issa and Lawrence, Molly’s parents, and Derek and Tiffany). All the characters have different allegiances to the different people in those relationships so it forces them to see a situation from more than one side, I think it’s brilliant.

I like Chad, I think he’s a good friend and I hope we learn more about him too. I like that they give him dimensions as well, it’s so refreshing to see black characters who seem like actual people, not just a white person’s idea of a culture/stereotypical & flat. Like, he encourages Lawrence to fuck a lot of women but also knows about recessed lighting. That’s a real person.

Ugh, I do want Lawrence and Issa to get back together but not if they don’t change the way they interact. She has to be able to TELL him she’s feeling attracted to her ex or that his lack of ambition/motivation in his own life drags her down a little bit when they are so intertwined. He also needs to be able to forgive her for cheating which is A LOT-how do you regain that trust?? Maybe they will talk to Molly’s parents about it.

Also how sex is portrayed on the show a lot of people have brought up on Twitter how there’s no condom use shown and Issa tweeted about it saying that it’s mostly implied (with pics of Lawrence reaching down under the blankets and close up of a condom wrapper on the nightstand) but that they’ll be better/more overt about it in the future so that’s cool. I was in a group where we were talking about the sex scene between Issa and Lawrence when he came to pick up his mail and BEFORE I saw it I was saying that women can get wet really quickly and it’s definitely possible, but after seeing it, the way it came out of NOWHERE and then was just happening, I kind of agree that there’s no way she could have been wet?? Maybe if she just got wet from seeing him after not for so long? But it was so emotionally tense, I can’t imagine that her body was like, “Yes, passion, we’re ready.”

Something that completely also threw me is why did they get rid of the couch because they spilled something on it?? It’s a couch??? I guess the implication is that she spills stuff all the time and it was just too far gone, but if you just bought that couch like 5 years ago wouldn’t you just recover it or something? Especially if only one of you has a job? Idk, if gas is 9 dollars a gallon (yes I SAW that) then I can’t imagine what they’re charging for couches out there?? But perhaps it was worth it to hear their neighbor say “bouch.”

There’s so many funny lines in this show, this show is so funny. I love Issa and Molly’s relationship-ooh and I LOVED how their fight was handled. So real how they both had pent up aggression and resentment to the other one for how they handled their own lives that all just came spilling out. I also liked the way it was resolved in the car ride however I will say, the way Issa called Molly the day after to ‘thank her for her donation’ and see if she was still mad was truly insane to me and painted her as an emotionally selfish/out of touch person and made me rethink her situation with Lawrence a little. Like, even if she was just pretending to try to get out of having an awkward conversation, to call someone who you had an all out fight with the night before where each of you insulted who the other one is as a person, and jokingly ask if they’re still mad at you is deranged.

I like Daniel !!! I wish that Issa did but for whatever reason she does not!! Like, I know he didn’t put in what you wanted him to in COLLEGE but he is a grown ass man now and he is and I don’t want him to just get thrown away again because I like him and think he is a good dude! Am I apologizing/siding too much with the men?? I’ll think about it.

Lawrence’s threesome was so interesting because it seemed like this thing that of course he was supposed to enjoy but the way it happened felt really gross and those girls seemed gross and they used him the way he was using Tasha and I think he wants women to be emotionally invested in him!! But also they seemed to sexualize black men in this way that was dehumanizing and that’s a lot to unpack when you’re inside of someone.

The way people Issa work with are portrayed is perfect, it reminded me of Kate Walsh in Girls Trip a little, so fucking tone deaf. It’s also both cathartic and frustrating to see her fantasy act outs of saying what she really wants to say to them, but can’t. I love Frieda as a character and the stuff she and Issa are going through at work. The dynamics of race and situational vs. systematic oppression and everyone’s part in that and who can call out who and all of it is good to see dissected.

And finally, Issa’s style is SO INTERESTING AND COOL the things she wears are truly inspirational to me–like how are you wearing a jean shirt as a dress to work? Or a t-shirt to an art gallery but you look fancy? And I love that she and Molly always switch their hair up, and show everyone constantly commenting on it and how annoying that is, like yes, black women can do cool shit with their hair. Let them be.

Basically this show is great and it’s made me have some really interesting conversations and I haven’t even read ANYTHING online yet so that’s gonna be great and yes.

5 out of 5 Broken Pussy’s, will masturbate again forever.

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