Joe Rogan: Triggered


I guess no one’s gonna be shocked that I didn’t like this special. The only person in the world I would watch Joe Rogan for is my brother who texted me, “Joe Rogan Triggered is perhaps the funniest thing I’ve seen since 2011” which is ironic because after watching it, I don’t think Joe Rogan has gone outside since 2011! Lots of stuff has happened since then Joe! So much stuff! !

Joe Rogan is like if a beer gained sentience and could love but also refused to understand gender. Some people might think it’s ironic to write a blog post about a special I didn’t like called “Triggered.” That’s probably why he named it that, because he thought it was a clever step ahead of online criticism. (I can tell he thinks he’s very clever!! Always a good sign for a comic!!) But if that’s the case, that pretty much encapsulates what was tiresome and boring about this special.

First of all, if that is the case (which I definitely believe it is) he’s misusing the word- it doesn’t mean you don’t like something or you were angry, it means there is a stimulus that aggravates a pre-existing set of conditions, social or physical, that you have. I wasn’t triggered by this special. I didn’t like this special. The fact that he preemptively uses the word incorrectly to anticipate other people’s problem with it- is exactly who he is onstage the majority of the time.

He literally tries to argue that he’s not sexist (spoiler alert, he definitely is!!) by saying his favorite people are women. In a bit where he keeps repeating over and over “Women can’t do strong physical labor jobs, they just can’t” he says, “and I know some of you are thinking that’s sexist. Well it isn’t. I can’t be sexist because my favorite people are women. My wife and my two daughters, those are my favorite people in the world. But I could beat the shit out of them.” The joke there about beating his family doesn’t bother me, but the notion that he can’t be sexist because he loves some/three women is false premise/he doesn’t understand what sexism is. It’s pretty clear he thinks it just means you hate all women. He goes on to say a bunch of other wrong things about sex and gender (I’m saying wrong because there’s just objective markers we have to acknowledge outside of opinion which is YES everyone’s OWN).

All his stuff about gender was very wrong, but it’s also probably not his wheelhouse, so we’re not allowed to judge him on that, right? (Isn’t it interesting how women always have to make room in their perspectives for men’s emotional exceptionalism but that is somehow never reciprocal or returned? Lol, just a fun observation from my 28 years on this Earth!) He did have interesting ideas, but then he drives them to a tired backwards point. He feels like the smartest dumb person that exists. He’s at the exact edge between enlightenment & stupidity and he keeps trying to make a bridge with his words to get to the other side but instead his words are vines keeping him where he is. Not that not understanding trans identity is being stupid, but I think being so assured of yourself when you have the knowledge that so much is unknown (which he reiterates again and again in reference to OTHER’S beliefs) is stupid.

He likens his ‘manhood’ (which first of all, gross, I haven’t use someone use that word in sincerity since some twenty year olds playing teenagers in She’s All That made a bet about their virginities but ok Joe) to a “tower of marbles” and living with his wife and two daughters as “chipping away at it” and goes on to clarify that each action they do is like taking two marbles, which “isn’t enough to balk at, but then you don’t have any left.” He then ties it all together by saying, “You find a man who could live with the Kardashians for all those years and not come out a chick.” So he is very clearly laying out his belief that being transgender is what happens because you’re around too many women. (I say very clearly because I know there’s SOMEONE in the universe who’s going to dig their heels in the sand and say, “he doesn’t believe that, it’s a joke!!!” There’s no joke here- just a misinformed belief about identity and gender).

There were two lines I liked specifically: “You’re in a box with rapists and murderers and the worst they can do to you is leave you alone” that’s Joe talking about solitary confinement, which is a really interesting perspective, and at one point he said, “I look like a thumb with two other thumbs” and that was funny to me.

After talking to my brother I have a slightly different perspective which is: don’t condemn the special for what it’s not, or write it off as unhelpful to all because it is unhelpful to me, but I do still think that most of the jokes are predicated on an idea that is inherently harmful to some populations and it wasn’t funny enough to outbalance that for me. Whereas in say, Dave Chappelle’s special (the first in that run he just put out on Netflix) where he clearly has similar feelings, it was. Mostly I just wished the men in all our lives listened to us and saw our nuance the same way they see their own and expect us to see their own.

But also, fuck Joe Rogan!!! Which I am allowed to say and feel !!!

Look, after talking about this with a couple of people, Joe Rogan seems to be the hill many men are willing to die on. So many men connect with him because he’s both masculine AND intellectual in a way they haven’t seen/experienced before and that is new to them and it makes them feel protective of him (sometimes because they assume that’s what people have issue with because that’s what’s new to them). BUT this is why gender norms are harmful for fucking everyone and not just a “women’s issue” (kill me) because there exist men who are both those things who also aren’t sexist and transphobic and whatever else he is under that button down, there just aren’t nuanced portrayals of masculinity in culture for them to see it.

Also Jesus Christ, if another man tries to show me Joe Rogan’s ‘light’ and ask me continuous questions trying to get me to acknowledge that’s SOME parts are good, not ALL of the special is bad-yeah he is KIND of sexist but SOME of these thoughts are interesting and why don’t you care about THAT-because I fucking don’t. I don’t need to make allowances for people I don’t think are funny, and also harmful. Is he the worst comic working? Not by a long shot. Does that mean I like him? No. Do I owe him anything like respect? No. If he’s your fucking hero, you talk about him. I don’t need to protect him from anything, especially my opinion, especially when his whole set is attacking other people who are different from him, who he doesn’t understand.

Fin. Thank you Joe Rogan for ruining this night, but also for triggering (!!!!!!!!!!! see what I did there) an interesting conversation with my brother. 1 out of 5 weed dolphins, wouldn’t masturbate again.

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7 Responses to Joe Rogan: Triggered

  1. Rebecca says:

    A man told me that Joe Rogan is funny but I shouldn’t listen to him because I would get offended. They might as well have said, Joe Rogan is sexist but I find him funny because his sexism doesn’t impact me. After all, I “get offended” when people imply that a person is less because that person if a woman, I “get offended” because that implication is measurably incorrect, but is perpetuated in American culture in a way that limits opportunity for women. And I especially “get offended” when media I voluntarily subject myself to in my free time reinforces sexism because I HAVE TO LIVE SEXISM EVERY DAY. I cannot avoid my sexist boss, sexist husband, or sexist country. But I can avoid your sexist comedy skit and spend a few minutes in peace. Guess I’m offended, triggered, snowflake… whatever. I deal with sexism all fucking day, I’m not going to volunteer for an extra dose of it in my free time.

    Thanks for your article. It made me feel like I’m not alone.

  2. Stephanie Guerra says:

    I agree with literally every point. It’s not surprising at all that the disapproving comments are coming from men. So predictable.

    I found it extremely reductive to narrate the white house break-in with a woman whose only use-value was to be coveted by her male peers. The only justifiable reason she could have existed was to be fucked by men…. And of course, there is no such thing as a strong woman, no no, fucking impossible for a woman to defend herself. It’s like he’s talking about unicorns. Furthermore, reducing women and femininity to selfies…vanity, vapid existence, lacking self-awareness. He criticizes the woman for posting pictures of her body AND YET has no transcendent opinion about the people who follow said woman. The limitations of his own gender and sex are his folly. Logically, and in fact, it is the public who choose to give women who expose their bodies a platform by virtue of their voyeurism…and somehow that’s the woman’s fault?? HAHA. What an idiot.

    His sexism and misogyny are so obvious and unchecked that it makes his other quirky revelations less enjoyable. And I completely agree with you about his misuse of the word triggered. I would be embarrassed and disappointed if he were my father or husband. Fortunately, I, and we, don’t have to accommodate his asinine behavior. How ironic of him to open up with the whole dolphin piece and promote treating other people like extensions of his existence, while condescending to 50% of the world’s population for simple having vaginas.
    B U L L S H I T.

    Also love how none of the haters on here bothered to contest any point to any intellectual degree beyond a few buzz words.

  3. Evan says:

    Qualifying the criticism you anticipate receiving is as appalling as accepting terms and conditions about one joke but not another.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this review is horrible on so many levels the reviewer will never understand.

  5. Anonymous says: Right, so much more balanced with good ideas and less chauvinistic attacks that glorify the cult of masculinity. In the future I would prefer if you asked before doing something like this.

    • iheardthebookwasbetter2 says:

      I intentionally didn’t post this on any of my social media bc I was waiting to ask you, but I guess this is public enough. I’m sorry I didn’t ask first and I will in the future

  6. Quentin says:

    Thanks for this interesting commentary! I appreciate the exchange you and Tom had, and found places to agree and disagree with both of your arguments. Of course this is coming from a perspective of someone who finds Joe Rogan’s schtick painfully unfunny. Unlike Tom, I just can’t see him as a Colbert type who is cynically pretending to hold a set of values that he truly does not. Anyway, having not seen this particular show I can’t comment too much, but I enjoyed reading what y’all think about it.

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