It Comes At Night


I just paid ten dollars to see this and I’m angry. Why. Why do people pay money to make themselves feel bad? I don’t understand this type of movie at all. Pointlessly bad. If you want to feel terrible just read a newspaper, pay attention to the world. It’s bad! I don’t understand the point of hiring a bunch of actors to film a script that has no fucking purpose- why create a world?? Ok I’m getting ahead of myself. Plot:

This movie takes place in a world where there is some unexplained disease that no one knows anything about that is transmitted through air or contact, we don’t fucking know, and so people moved out of the cities to escape it and now they live in the woods. Joel Edgerton and his wife and son (Carmen Ejogo and Kelvin Harrison Jr.) (and I just found out the director and writer are the same person, so great this was his *vision* ugh) live in a boarded up house where they just eat food and survive. Then one night someone tries to break into the house (this is after the Grandpa gets sick and has to be shot in the head then set on fire and buried- how did he get sick? We don’t fucking know. Why can’t the dog get sick? It doesn’t wear a gas mask. WHO KNOWS) and Joel ties him to a tree and he’s trying to figure out if he can trust him and the guy is just trying to get water for his family blah blah blah. Sarah (Joel’s wife) decides they should get the family and bring them back instead of bartering for food because they already know where they live, then they’ll have more people to guard the house, etc.

They bring them back, they have a young son, Andrew, and everyone seems to be co-existing fine. Travis who is 17 keeps having disease nightmares where his Grandpa vomits black blood on him and is just generally off-putting looking, he also has a sexual dream about Kim, the young mother who just moved in where she mounts him and then also vomits black blood on him. He always wakes up from these and honestly I’M sick of this device in horror (and all) movies, where they show a crazy scene then GUESS WHAT it was a dream!!!! You lazy piece of shit- why don’t you write a plot that’s actually good instead of showing things that aren’t happening and being like, “Just kidding!!! That’s not real!!!” like 5 different times in the movie. It happened like 5 different times.

Then one night Travis gets up and sees the door (the RED door because of cheap SYMBOLISM) that’s never opened, OPENED and he wakes everyone up then they have a meeting in the middle of the night and Travis swears he didn’t open the door, and maybe Andrew opened the door, because he was out of bed when Travis got up and found him, then they’re interrogating the little boy but he can’t remember anything because he was asleep and seven, so they all decide to spend some “time apart” in the quarantined house they all live in together, so they take rations of food and water to their respective rooms and lock themselves in.

Then Travis worries that Andrew is sick and he touched him, and he has another “dream” (fuck you!) where he is sick, but then he wakes up. He eavesdrops on the other family (he also was always creeping around listening to people, it was weird to me, I think he was supposed to come off a little weird) and he hears Andrew crying and Will and Kim (the parents) saying they’re going to leave. He wakes his mom and dad up & tell them, then they’re worried they’re going to take more of the food than they should so they get gas masks and guns to confront them.

Now, up til this point there’s been a lot of discussion of who can we trust, Joel has told Travis you only trust family, also there was a slip up it seemed when Will mentioned he was an only child but earlier he said they were staying with his brother. When Joel asked him, he corrected it was his brother-in-law but that he “felt like a brother.” A little suspicious. And again when Joel goes to the door and asks to come in, they’re acting suspicious & not letting him in (which makes it seem like they’re hiding something) but also they probably feel the exact same way-you can only trust family-and are being cautious. The situation escalates, as it always seems to when there are guns and you’re living in an apocalyptic world, and it kind of turns into a stand off and Joel gets Will’s gun from him (that he had been hiding this whole time) because Sarah was in the hall with a gun. He pistol whips Will and puts them in the corner (insert Dirty Dancing reference here) with Kim and Andrew. Then they’re leading them outside and Will pretends he’s weaker than he is and manages to get the drop on Joel (whose name in this is Paul but who cares it might as well be fucking Joel) and starts beating him in the head with the butt of a gun so Sarah shoots him, then Kim and Andrew run into the woods and Joel shoots at them and kills Andrew. Kim is screaming “you killed my son!” for about a minute, then he kills her too.

Travis has come out at this point and sees the whole thing. Then Travis gets sick and dies. Then there’s a flashback of him walking to the door that’s open (there are so many things that could have saved this for me and one of them would have been if Travis was lying about the door for some reason and he opened it and then didn’t say and caused this whole family to be killed for no reason) but it WAS open (what opened it? we have no fucking idea) and then the movie basically ends.

Why. Why make this movie at all? What is the point? I truly don’t understand and I’m mad. You want me to sit through an hour and thirty-one minutes of people trying to figure out a world, only to figure out nothing? Why? We don’t know anything about the disease, this family comes, they get killed, the son dies, the Grandpa died, the dog died, for us to not know anything? Is it supposed to be an expose on the human condition? By creating a false world then populating it with false choices and unnecessary death? I don’t CARE. The real world is awful enough??? Why did you need to make another one??

I’m having such a vitriolic reaction to this and I’m sure it’s for reasons outside the movie itself, but it seems pointless any way I slice it. I went to see this movie because The Weeknd tweeted about it. That is the truth. He tweeted, “watched “It Comes at Night” last night. beautifully disturbing.” earlier today and I was like, “Well I’m not gonna see Cars 3” and went. I feel like The Weeknd owes me ten dollars. HOw-why-what’s the point in choosing-is he just an unempathetic person? And needs to sit and get to know a character for 2 hours before he can feel for them and movies do that for him? I can cry at a commercial for toilet paper if they do it right. I also feel just generally terrible in my life between the President, myself, friends-why do you need to search out awfulness?? It makes no fucking sense. Movies are escapism, I truly cannot understand what person-and it’s not all horror movies. I used to think it was a pointless/base genre but then I saw some good ones and art horror and classic horror-things that explore a psychological construct or idea and make you think.

This type of movie doesn’t have anything to think about because they don’t give you enough-it was like The Strangers-you just drop someone in this terrible world for 2 hours then at the end it’s like, “That’s it!!! Just cause!!!” Fuck. Off.

I hated it obviously. I’m going to try to read some reviews because maybe there’s this huge thing I’m missing (I HOPE) and it wasn’t just a wasted experience I will never get back.

One out of four chemical apocalypse chickens, would not masturbate again.

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