Last Holiday


This is a movie starring Queen Latifah (shouldn’t they all?) who plays New Orleans resident (!!!! I love when movies are set in New Orleans!!!) Georgia Byrd who is diagnosed with a rare disease (Lampington’s -gotta check if this is real or they made it up for the movie. I think it’d be funny if they made it up, but now I’ll feel horrible if it’s real) and is told she only has three weeks to live. So she quits her sales associates job, takes out all her money and flies to Prague to eat at the restaurant of one of her favorite chefs, Chef Didier, played by Gerard Depardieu. (Loved the decision to go to Prague, it was original/not Paris). Georgia loves cooking but she only cooks for other people, she never eats the food herself. Women!

So she goes and when she checks into the hotel everyone thinks she’s a huge deal because she arrives on the roof by helicopter. But really she’s just living her life to the fullest with no financial obstacles! Then she upgrades to the presidential suite because her room won’t be ready for two hours and she’s like, “I don’t really have much time to wait.” Sadbut true Georgia! Staying at the same hotel is the senator of Louisiana (Giancarlo Esposito), some other people (Matt Ross), the president of the company Georgia just quit (Timothy Hutton), and the redheaded business lady he is having an affair with (Alicia Witt).

So she’s just doin’ her thing in Prague, and everyone can’t quite figure her out and they keep inviting her to stuff and being awed that she is a normal person. Oh also her love interest back in the states is LL Cool J who worked one department over in the store she quit. He asked her out on a basketball date right before she left and the game was in “a couple of weeks” and she was sad she had to decline because she thought she would be dead by then :(.

Lots of stuff: they go skydiving, eat all the food and become friends with the chef, buy lots of caftans, massages, etc. Problems are solved too! The redhead lady gets a Latifah Talking To™ and realizes that this dude isn’t going to leave his wife, and she shouldn’t just be a sidekick to an asshole she should do her own life stuff.

The head of the company is upset that he isn’t the center of attention and he pays a mean maid to snoop around in her room to uncover dirt on Georgia. But when the maid finds a letter where Georgia is outlining her wishes after death it melts her heart and she gives the manager his snoop money back and starts being nice to Georgia.

The movie ends like all movies do, with someone contemplating suicide on the side of a building, and someone else uprooting their life to embrace love. LL Cool J (true to his middle name) trekked through a snowstorm that blocked most transpo into and out of Prague to find Georgia and professed his deep like (how could he love her?? They’ve literally spoken twice) for Georgia. Meanwhile she’s trying to talk ole Meany McMeanpants off a ledge because he realized he’s been an asshole for financial gain for the entirety of his professional career. But then he doesn’t jump and she doesn’t have a disease (faulty cat scan! You know!) and then everybody comes to New Orleans (EVEN EMERIL!!! CAMEO ALERT) where Georgia opens a restaurant and it’s wonderful.

I just wish Queen Latifah starred in every movie. What movie wouldn’t be made better by Queen Latifah replacing the main character? Inception? The Truman Show? Moulin Rogue? Warriors? Scarface? They’re all better.

The moral of this movie was just live your life to the fullest and I appreciated the simplicity in that. There wasn’t a million twists trying to trick you into remembering you like shitty movies or anything. Although this movie was from 2006, which was overall a better time. I was in high school, reality TV was better, only one Fast & Furious movie was out, etc.

Here’s a free tip from me. If you sprain your ankle and can’t paint because the entire lower half of your body needs to be elevated but need something to do besides drink so you don’t get depressed, watch this movie!! It was a wonderful lil jaunt. Lol also one of the funniest things is that Queen Latifah is supposed to be shy in the beginning then blossom, but she’s QL so she can never hide her shine, so she’s pretty much the same throughout but the way they make her “shy” is by giving her big eyebrows. It’s true and it’s very funny.

4 out of 5 LL Cool J’s, would definitely masturbate again!

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