The Killer Inside Me

killer inside me

This movie stars Kate Hudson, Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba. It is about a small town sheriff who gets put up to running a prostitute (Jalba) out of town. But he’s sort of a serial killer. Michael Winterbottom (unfortunate name) is the director and he does a great job!!!

We follow Affleck around and learn his views about other’s views of him (Did you know I am a talented writer?) He says, “the problem with growing up in a small town is everyone thinks they know you.” He also iterates how important it is to be a gentleman and, “God help you if you aren’t.” We go with him on his rounds as he helps people/’yes ma’ams’ his way through town. At one point a waitress notices he doesn’t carry a gun and asks, “what’re you gonna do if some crook tries to point one at you?” To which he calmly replies, “Ma’am don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we don’t have any crooks in Central City.” Which, if you live in New Orleans is a hilarious thing to hear. But they are in Texas and I guess there’s only so many names.

We go with our good ole boy Casey to a house on the edge of town where he’s supposed to ‘run out’ a prostitute living there. This prostitute happens to be Jessica Alba, a beautiful angel living on the earth (catch her in all her other roles that are also her being hot!) So he goes over there to ‘run her out of town’ (that phrase is so funny to me) and she freaks out a little bit, as you might if a cop tells you you have to leave your house, and starts hitting him. So he does what most people would do, throws her on the bed and then spanks her. It’s pretty violent but then she likes it and they start having consensual albeit rough sex (if women seem like they don’t like something at first, just keep going!) then through a sex montage it’s explained that he goes back to meet her many times and this becomes their routine/maybe they are in love. Their sex/love montage is cute bed things & lots of laughing in bed. He says in his voiceover monologue that he loves her.

Aside: The amount of “love” scenes in movies that start out as rape are truly horrifying. See: Wolf of Wallstreet, Temptation: Confession of A Marriage Counselor, This, etc. 

Meanwhile, there’s this whole side story happening where our sheriff’s older brother was accused of molesting a little girl and he got off because it was never really proven. He lived his life in relative peace until he mysteriously fell and died at his job. Some businessman in town (it is hard to keep everyone straight- everyone is a white man) who has had kind of tense interactions with Affleck throughout the film at one point basically comes out and tells him his brother was murdered- the people he was working with pushed him off some scaffolding and he fell and died and everyone knew/was in on it. Affleck is unruffled/sure of his brother’s innocence. The guy points out that the little girl identified him, Casey replies, “that girl was 5 years old, she would have ID’d anything put in front of her” and we as an audience feel solidly that his brother was innocent but then later we see a flashback where ole Case WALKS IN on his brother molesting the little girl in a car. So at this point you’re like, oh shit, Casey is insaner than I originally thought.

There are many other examples of Casey’s fuckedupedness: he lets a twelvish (?) year old boy he’s been a mentor to go to jail for something he did, he punches Jessica Alba in the face until she dies, through flashback (Winterbottom is loving these flashbacks) we see Affleck had a babysitter who liked being spanked with a belt, he kills his fiancé (brunette Kate Hudson) when she comes over to elope with him, and he shoots this guy in the head he’s known since childhood-I THINK for killing his brother, but sometimes you just lose track of all this small town bloodlust, you know how it is.

Lol Texas is crazy!

There’s also this alcoholic “drifter” who Case Closed burned with a cigar one night who followed him and tries to blackmail him but Lord in heaven oh my stars, don’t you know you can’t blackmail someone who’s on a murder spree? They’ll just kill you! So he kills his fiancé (brunette Kate Hudson) and tries to pin it on the homeless dude, who runs away and there’s a scene where O Casey My Casey is chasing this man through the streets with a knife and the man is yelling “Help!” and another officer sees it and shoots the man, then Case Resolve catches up to him and punches him to death in the street. This part of the movie was the least far-fetched of anything.  #BlackLivesMatter

The ending of this movie is insane though- Casey Casem gets arrested and put in jail, then moved to a mental institution, then that actor that looks like Jeff Bridges came & got him out and Case Load tells him everything in the car. Once back at his house he douses the whole thing in gasoline and other flammables (waste of whiskey) then waits with a knife that he keeps spinning blade side up on his temple. Cool! All these dudes come and bring in JESSICA ALBA who’s not dead after all but whose face is now just a spiderweb of scar tissue, and she’s like, “I didn’t tell them anything, I love you” and he’s like, “I love you too” then stabs her and everyone shoots him which ignites a fire and everything explodes/burns.


So many movies try to create THE MOST EVIL MAN and I think a lot of them identify a divorce of reason as one of the most frightening things to an audience. If it seems like someone is just killing to kill/because they like it it’s the scariest thing because there’s no logic, and therefore no way to avoid it. This movie strikes an interesting balance because they didn’t just make him a bloodthirsty lunatic (The Strangers) or a sociopath devoid of emotion (Fracture), they give him motivation and remorse- he misses Jessica Alba after he thinks she’s dead but then says it doesn’t matter because if she were back he’d just be “right back where he was.” He also yells at the homeless man at the death of brunette Kate Hudson (which he felt necessary to pin on him/subsequently have motive for killing him) “I was gonna marry that girl!” And before he dies he’s really upset (relative to the rest of the movie) that he doesn’t look right: his pants don’t fit and he can’t find a tie.

One of the most interesting scenes in the movie is when two cops come over after he kills the homeless man in the street because they are putting the pieces together that he’s the one responsible for all the deaths. (There are a bunch more, people keep hanging themselves out of sadness?).

Anyway they come over and it’s the only time we see Case-cera-cera seem like he’s having fun. He’s kind of taunting the cops and being sarcastic and playful. But about his fiance’s death. He’s also laying down on a perfectly made bed smoking a cigar while they’re accusing him of multiple murders.

Overall a great movie, but very weird. 8/10 Would masturbate again

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