This is the End

1170481 - This Is The End

I LOVED THIS MOVIE. I saw it on my break in between shifts and I went to this fancy movie theatre in a skyscraper (an 11 story building) where they have a menu and serve alcohol so I got a beer and a lemonfish salad, because I’m a fancy adult, and I watched it.

Obviously I went by myself and the theatre was full so I was sandwiched in between two complete strangers (they had ASSIGNED SEATS, like an AIRPLANE). On my left was a older gentleman with salt and pepper hair, but still with the vivacity of life clinging to him. I bet if he was a teacher all the girls and gay boys would have crushes on him. He had a single glass of red wine. To my right was a younger couple (twenties), the man was sitting next to me and his girlfriend was on his right. They came late and didn’t order any food.

The beginning of the movie is Seth Rogen standing in the airport and you hear someone go, “Hey it’s Seth Rogen!” He’s meeting Jay Baruchel who most people would recognize from Tropic Thunder or Knocked Up. He’s got a kind of squinty hot geek thing happening. But he and Seth Rogen (who wrote and starred in the movie) go waaaay back from when they were both in the single season series Undeclared, which Judd Apatow did right after Freaks and Geeks (and used many of the same people) about a group of friends in their first year of college. It’s on Netflix and it’s pretty good, I would watch it if you have the desire. So many young famous people- a young Amy Poehler and Charlie Hunnam for example.

Okay but so they’re meeting at the airport and after they hug and are walking to leave the airport, another guy recognizes Seth Rogen and this one starts filming and asking him to do his laugh or say a joke (and everyone in the theatre is like, “oh I would never do that” but they totally would) then the guy goes, “you’re the same character in every movie, when are you gonna do some real acting” and BOOM slap in the face this is where the ironic self-referential, self-aware comedy starts and IT DOESN’T STOP!!! THIS MOVIE IS SO FUNNY. Everyone in it plays themselves, but like hilarious versions of themselves. It’s like when Nicholas Cage went on Weekend Update with Andy Samberg also as Nicholas Cage and gave an interview as a clone of himself. Did that make any sense? No? Good. Because that’s the kind of dimensional shit this movie gets into. But more straightforward and less esoteric!

Like at one point, Emma Watson is in the movie as Emma Watson but shit goes down and she hits Seth Rogen in the face with the butt of an axe and gets the hell out of there and Danny McBride goes into the video confessional and says, “Hermione just stole all our shit.” Inception.

Basically the plot of the movie is Jay goes to visit Seth, and they get invited to a party at James Franco’s house where all these other  famous comedians are (where THE FUCK was Aubrey Plaza??? She was the only one missing!!!!) but those are Seth’s NEW friends and Jay is his OLD friend, and never the two shall mix. So Jay doesn’t want to go to this party because he thinks everyone is an asshole/doesn’t know him/doesn’t like him, but they go anyway. Then there’s an “earthquake” which really turns out to be a biblical apocalypse/Judgement Day.

In a HILARIOUS scene- most of the people at the party die by falling into this sinkhole that’s opened up in the earth. I’m talking Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kahling, David Krumholtz, KEVIN HART, McLovin, RIHANNA (I let out an audible cry of anguish when Rihanna went in because for one second I forgot it was a movie and that she was safe somewhere).

So after most die by falling into this fiery hole-Michael Cera being the hilarious exception-the people left are Craig Robinson, Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jonah Hill. Then also Danny McBride comes onto the scene. Which is funny, because they’re all scared to go outside because there are fiery demon death monsters eating people and cannibal looters- but somehow he gets to the house and doesn’t realize it’s an apocalypse outside, at first he doesn’t believe them- he cooks all their food into one big breakfast-but MAYBE i just realized- because later he turns into the king of the cannibal looters, (watch the movie) maybe he was toying with them the WHOLE TIME just pitting them against one another so they would turn on each other and destroy their bro-onclave from the inside out. Just a thought.

But they all kind of hate him (esp James Franco whose house it is) so, he leaves- BUT NOT BEFORE SO MANY FUNNY SCENES HAPPEN. I’ll just give some highlights so I don’t ruin: masturbation, video confessionals, the hypothetical rape of Emma Watson,

aside: “rape jokes” come up twice in this movie- the first is the aforementioned Emma Watson incident which I thought was very clever and an interesting handling of the topic, the second was when Jonah Hill gets raped by a demon-watch the movie- and I was a little disappointed in the way that was handled, typical presentation & punchline- “ha ha ha rape is so funny ha ha ha especially when it’s a man lol because that never happens lol.”

and many more. He’s like the Karen of the group- the one everyone loves to hate. (And if you’re thinking, “my group doesn’t have a Karen” then you are the Karen. -Dane Cook, 2007). James Franco is this hokey art-obsessed vain harmless weirdo. It’s truly an odd character that’s difficult to describe but makes sense as soon as you see it and it’s EXACTLY what I imagine James Franco to be like in real life, but probably more douche-y. However he was only around other male celebrities, so that’s not really an ideal platform for one’s douchebaggery to shine through.

So Danny leaves, then they go through this rigamarole trying to get water, first from the neighbors then from James Franco’s basement chipping through the floor with tools of some sort. Also, in James Franco’s house there’s all this memorabilia from other movies he was in- in his basement there’s a giant cut out from Spiderman 3. This kind of reminder of reality within and outside the movie is surreal- they’re actors playing themselves…what IS that? Has that been done before? Outside of John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich? I feel like actors have cameo-ed as themselves in TV shows and even movies, but has anyone ever done an entire movie as themselves in a fictional situation? At that, a whole group of people? I feel like the answer to those questions is no, which is why it was so exciting- it’s something you haven’t seen before, and let’s be real, how often can any of us say that?

Anyway. A thing that’s going on during all of this is that when the initial ‘earthquake’ happened, these blue light tunnels from the sky opened up and beamed lots of people up. Initially Jay was the only one who saw this and no one believed him but then when Craig sacrificed himself for everyone else in the group a beam came down and took him up! So then they realized that redemption was an option and was probably their only way out. When they re-run into Danny McBride on the outside and he’s the Cannibal Looter King and Channing Tatum is his BDSM gimp on a leash-watch the movie- James Franco similarly sacrifices himself and he’s getting beamed up but then he tells Danny McBride to suck his dick and starts gloating about going to Heaven and the light beam drops him back down and he gets eaten. WHICH hilariously is the ending of Pineapple Express 2 he proposed to Seth Rogen earlier in the movie. (Clever, Rogen. I see you).

Basically, I’m going to ruin it and tell you what happens in the end, so stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet because it’ll ruin everything.

BUT Seth and Jay get beamed up to heaven together and everyone is there and Craig is St. Peter apparently, or there is no St. Peter, whichever. And he tells them to imagine anything they want and it will come true because it’s heaven and Jay goes, “Anything?” and Craig says yes, THEN THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAPPENS- THE BACKSTREET BOYS ARE THERE AND THEY PERFORM IN ENTIRETY “BACKSTREET’S BACK” AND EVERYONE DOES THE DANCE AND IT’S CRAZY AMAZING. THEN THE MOVIE IS OVER. THEY JUST END IT. THAT’S ALL THERE IS. Clearly I was overwhelmed with joy and kept clapping and squealing like a stuck pig and I think I scared my new friends on either side of me but if they can’t understand what I was feeling in those moments then I don’t want to know them anyway. In conclusion, this movie was the best and everyone should go see it multiple times. In a lot of ways it restored my faith in everything because watching the preview you’re like, “I’ve seen this movie before when it was called something else” BUT IT’S COMPLETELY NEW AND DIFFERENT. And I really liked it. Kudos Seth Rogen and the other 2 writers. Done.

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2 Responses to This is the End

  1. Anonymous says:

    this movie was hilarious. but so fucking weird i can’t even. one thing though–danny didnt just somehow show up at the house, he was there the whole time (during the party). he just fell asleep in the bathroom or was hanging out or some shit. im pretty sure.

    –kaite b,

  2. Maxie says:

    amazing movie, and the excitement of backstreets back was unparalleled to any excitement I have ever felt at the end of any movie ever. That was just so amazing I could die. anyway, I feel like the Channing stuff can be added as the 3rd rape joke…and that was the one that really made me feel uncomfortable. The Emma rape jokes…perfectly well executed. The Jonah rape joke…not that funny but I believe it is biblically correct (though I am a Jew talking about the new testament), so that works, I suppose. The Channing one just made me super uncomfortable. BUT I was wondering when he was FINALLY gonna show up. You are so right about Aubrey Plaza, where was that girl?!?!

    OH AND ALSO… the best part of Rihanna in this movie, and I feel like I was the only one who heard this line, was when she was talking to Jason Segel (wish we had more of him) and Jason asks her if she has seen a Psychologist. OMG, I love you Jason Segel, asking the question that everyone is wondering.

    “Is Michael Cera’s butthole as adorable as I think it is?” just so many great, great things.

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